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Joselito's birthday

On February 11th, 2013, in Utiel (Spain), Mister Jean-Pierre DESESQUELLES has delivered to JOSELITO, his portrait in present, for his seventieth birthday.

Anniversaire de Joselito

MAN ON THE MOVE - Gail Gray - Michaël Schumacher, my sporting hero

Man on the move - Gail GrayIn september 2007, Mrs Gail J. GRAY, a British author who was preparing a book about Michaël SCHUMACHER for five years, discovered (thanks to this website) the portrait of that famous Formula 1 driver, that I realized in march 2007.
She contacted me to ask permission to print it in her book "MAN ON THE MOVE".
I was flattered by her interest and I was very happy to accept.
Thank you Mrs Gray.

Man on the move - Gail Gray


As you can see, the artist had the great joy and the honour to be contacted by Tim LILLEY, the responsible man of the American fan club of John WAYNE (of which he’s a member). That made him feel wonderful. he have been asked to realize a portrait of the great Duke WAYNE, as the cover page of the fan club’s annual magazine : “THE TRAIL BEYOND”, num.3, December 2001.

This honourable event will remain the most important event to him.


Couverture - The Trail Beyond - Décembre 2001
Cover page of the magazine : "The Trail Beyond" - December 2001