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Evolution of a portrait

In this column, you will see the evolution of a portrait, step by step.

Only the hair and the eyebrows are made of lines.
On some other portraits, jackets are drawn with the help of a rule and a drawing pen. To darken more and more the colour, lines are crossed several times, until the wanted effect is reached.

Up to this day, the portrait that took the shortest time to be drawn has been the one portraying Lana Turner, made in 18 hours only. The one that took the longest time, 76 hours of work, represented Joseph Cotten.
The clothing is the only element that may prolong a lot the making time of a portrait.
A person wearing a hat or a cap on the photograph takes 10 to 15 hours more to be drawn than a bare headed one.
A man wearing a shirt, a tie and a dark jacket will take much more time to be drawn than a woman with naked shoulders and neck.

Evolution d'un portrait - Etapes 1 à 3

Evolution d'un portrait - Etapes 4 à 6

Evolution d'un portrait - Etapes 7 à 9